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Privates with

Revelations are revolutionary

Personal style summons one’s unconscious habits, adjusting and aligning another offers a different angle, a new direction, or a re-orientation in order to open a portal of experience impossible on one's own.

About the shorter session (appr 30min)

We will open the blockages through the rhythm of the body, realigning and helping the currency to move through.

Price: 55€

About the longer session (appr 60min)

I will first read your body, tell you where you spend your time and show you the pieces that you are not using.

I will teach you how to use your physiology to alter your psychology and how to use your practice to make your everyday life better.

Price: 105€

Body tells the story and shows the timeline
of life. To know your body is to know your story. To know your story is to own your story.

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