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Elisa Kuuttila

Elisa is a multifaceted yoga teacher, who runs Pranama Kallio, a “pay what you can” yoga studio in Helsinki.
She started teaching in 2012 and is Finland’s first certified Katonah yoga™ teacher, as well as a pioneer in SUP and Aerial yoga. In her teaching she varies and analyzes asana, as well as assists and challenges her students to reach more open, strong and advanced poses.
Different kinds of props and their creative use in practice play a big role in both her private and open classes. Elisa wants to enable her students to find tools to facilitate their well-being and to transfer the benefits and insights from their practice to everyday life.

Yoga should be so informative that it becomes transformative.

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- RYT200 flow + yin training

- Aerial yoga

- SUP yoga

- Katonah yoga ™ 200h

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Karita Tykkä

Health & Life coach, blogger

I work in the holistic health field and have had the priviledge to train with many amazing people in my life. 

However, when I went to my first private session with Elisa I faced something unique and precious. 

She took me as I am and helped me to find my unconscious habits – she got me out of my head and into my body. 

Every time I leave class I can see my inner map much clearer – I feel calm and that I have new structure in my body. Elisa is really something – her evergrowing expertise, higher wisdom and practicality take my breath away every time we train together. Se truly cares for her students and I can highly recommend her. She is a real a gift to us all.

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Stefanie Hagelstam

CrossFit & Weightlifting athlete

I experienced a major personal tragedy when my mother passed in 2017. I was forced to find different ways to continue my life, even though it was extremely exhausting. I grew interest in feelings, senses, schema, the subconscious knowledge of the human body, afterlife and god. In Elisa’s privates we began to remould my body to look more like me, since I was broken in several ways. Each time I left class I felt, and still feel, that I am a step closer myself, and I believe that this is due to Elisa’s expertise and even mystical skillfulness.


Teemu Eguavoen


When speaking to people who have been to Elisa’s classes, either private or open, the common response is that they feel that she genuinely cares about the student’s well-being. She finds the best tools for each student to work with their own body and mind. It is extremely rare to find someone with such passion toward their profession and people in general. Her multi-leveled understanding of the human anatomy and kind, yet straightforward way of teaching make Elisa as popular as she is. Elisa is the kind of person you wish you had already met in preschool, and I can recommend her from the bottom of my heart.


Emma Räsänen

Yoga teacher

Elisa is definitely one of the most amazing and talented  yoga teachers in Finland. At the same time she's an everlasting student. Her insatiable desire to learn and the way she represents her discoveries, inspires her students wether they are beginners or yogis who have years of experience.

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Jasmina Kangasniemi

Yoga teacher

My RYT-200 hour teacher training was mainly instructed by Elisa, who literally taught us everything about asana and class sequencing that was possible in the limited time we had. Elisa is an easygoing and encouraging teacher, but also extremely precise and professional. She can thoroughly articulate and explain everything she teaches, through her years of experience on training as well as her deep knowledge on different kinds of bodies. 

Elisa has a natural ability to inspire her students to try new and different ways to approach their practice and teaching.

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