la 16. tammik. | Kolmas linja 28

Pay what you can - Experience Katonah yoga workshop

Pranayama, asana, meditaatio. Hengitys, keho ja mielikuvitus.
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Pay what you can - Experience Katonah yoga workshop

Time & Location

16. tammik. 2021 klo 14.30 – 16.15
Kolmas linja 28, Kolmas linja 28, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

About the event

Working on the mat becomes more than just doing poses.

It becomes a place for us to address the patterns in our lives via the patterns in our bodies. We can change a pattern only by being conscious of it. And the insight comes through conscious repetition.

To repeat a pose in yoga refining it each time, is to build new habits, so as to install new and improved patterns into our physical and psychological lives.

Pranayama, asana, meditaatio.

Hengitys, keho ja mielikuvitus.

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Katonah Yoga uses the poses to help each student move from what it calls their “first nature”—one’s unconscious habitual patterns that they came into this world with and may not be serving them—to their “second nature,” defined as the functional habits learned (reading, getting dressed, manners, etc) that become effortless. Turning off autopilot allows you to act consciously. Katonah Yoga isn’t always liked initially because it’s unfamiliar. It doesn’t let us be ourselves on the mat. But we come to the mat to transform, not to do what we are already good at. We practice for information that is both new and that will take us somewhere.

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