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Morning yoga quickies ° 9 days of magic with Elisa, Saga and Jenni / DONATION BASED

Curious to see what only 20 minutes of yoga, done for 9 days in a row can do for you? ° Let's start the month with a strong dose of self-care and soul food.

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Morning yoga quickies ° 9 days of magic with Elisa, Saga and Jenni / DONATION BASED

Time & Location

01. helmik. klo 7.00 – 09. helmik. klo 7.20


About the event

Curious to see what only 20 minutes of yoga, done for 9 days in a row can do for you?

Let's start the month with a strong dose of self-care and soul food. 

A short practice to kickstart your day.

Some sweet movement combined with useful theory and breath work.

Let's make this so informative that it becomes transformative.

No previous experience needed!

Practices will be taught via zoom and we kindly ask you to commit if you sign up as there are only limited spots available! So only sign up if you are sure that this is something that you wanna experience <3

This course is for the communal well-being so it will be donation based <3

(The receipt for this will be published!)

Recommendation price:

15/20 €

(you can pay via mobilepay to number 45112 or through webshop: https://holvi.com/shop/elisakuuttilayoga/product/2530d3bc0127710c247c11ea8bb3f520/ )


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Elisa Kuuttila

Saga Turtiainen

I moved into yoga during a difficult life situation at a young age. It was a powerful practice that invited me in, to put the body to it’s limits and to rediscover undigested emotions that I had to deal with back then, and still now.

At best, I create a deep understanding of one’s inner strength through challenging postures and full recovery with rest, all in one class.

Meeting arriving students from heart to heart and sharing about my story openly organically grew a loving community around myself and others. 

Welcoming people and getting to really know everyone is at the core, and heart of our studio that I run in Punavuori, Sagayoga.

Jenni Hilonen

Yoga has been a part of Jenni’s life about 20 years and she’s been teaching yoga for seven years. Past three years she has spent her time and practise with Katonah Yoga material and theories and finally completed her certification as a Katonah Yoga teacher.

In her practise and teaching she combines all her knowledge learned from different sports and yoga styles she’s learned through years. Katonah Yoga has brought more deep meaningful to Jenni’s practise and she’s eager to teach it forward and share the joy she’s found with it.

"To be well adjusted, one must consciously integrate all three floors of the body. Each floor expresses different parts of the whole, while housing unique information, functions, and efficiencies. The first floor, our lower body, substantiates us, housing our first nature, our ancestry, our stability, our grounding. The second floor, our upper body, potentiates us, housing our second nature, our capacity, our competence, our participation. The third floor, our head, liberates us, housing our vision, our imagination, our antenna, giving us the ability to see all the way around ourselves.

In Katonah Yoga, asana is seen as metaphor. For example how you move through a forward bend reflects how you move forward in daily life. The goal of this practice is a healthy body and greater consciousness, using poses to explore and free up your body, mind, and life. Develop your depths for stability and increase your capasity to participate in the world.

Katonah Yoga teaches you to work smarter, not harder. In fact, muscles aren’t mentioned. For example, when a teacher in another style might ask you to engage your core in Plank, a Katonah teacher would instead ask you to move your bones and organs in two directions at once (heels backward and lungs forward). In this style, stability is created through the alignment and angles of the bones and joints. Think of a building, its strength comes from its structure (or bones) not from the cement (which Katonah compares to muscle). And according to Chinese Medicine energy moves through organs, bones, and joints, as opposed to muscles, which are too dense. So a well-aligned Katonah pose allows energy currents to move through you, making asana feel effortless. Katonah also teaches that when you use your bones as a boundary, you can only go so far, making you less likely to injure yourself, overstretch, or overtwist."

About Elisa:

Elisa is a multifaceted yoga teacher, who runs Pranama Kallio, a “pay what you can” yoga studio in Helsinki.

She is Finland’s first certified Katonah yoga® teacher, as well as a pioneer in SUP and Aerial yoga. In her teaching she varies and analyzes asana, as well as assists and challenges her students to reach more open, strong and advanced poses.

Different kinds of props and their creative use in practice play a big role in both her private and open classes. Elisa wants to enable her students to find tools to facilitate their well-being and to transfer the benefits and insights from their practice to everyday life.

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