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pe 01. maalisk.


Kolmas linja 28

Magic of March YIN + Pranayama / 3 hour special

Late winter Yin. With long, lugn cleansing Pranayama.

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Magic of March YIN + Pranayama / 3 hour special
Magic of March YIN + Pranayama / 3 hour special

Time & Location

01. maalisk. 2019 klo 18.00 – 21.00

Kolmas linja 28, Kolmas linja 28, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

About the event

Winter teaches us that the only way to fully enjoy the powers of the season is to surrender to it and learn from what it has to offer us.

In winter the earth lies fallow; nature appears frozen and dead. In this deep stillness of nature, winter calls us to look into our depths, to reconnect to our inner being, to befriend the darkness within us and around us.

It's time to recharge before the spring arises.

Dive deep and breathe.

Breathing is living. It is a vital function of life. In yoga, we refer to this as pranayama. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life force and ayama means extending or stretching. Thus, the word “pranayama” translates to the control of life force. It is also known as the extension of breath.

Syvä sukellus Yinin maailmaan.

Lihaksiin, sidekudoksiin, niveliin, tukoksiin.

Hinta: 30/25€

Varaa paikkasi ajanvarauksemme kautta:

Mahdolliset peruutukset tulee tehdä viimeistään 24h ennen tunnin alkua (tämän jälkeen vain lääkärintodistuksella).

Peruuttamattomasta poisjäännistä veloitamme täyden hinnan!

“In addition to learning how to take control and assume responsibility, a person also needs to learn when and how to let go, to surrender, to go with the flow and not resist or fight it. Letting go versus taking control — this is, of course, just another version of being versus doing, that primordial polarity of yin and yang that assumes a thousand different forms and is never exhausted. It’s not yin or yang [that] is right, that being is better than doing — it’s a question of finding the right balance, the natural harmony between yin and yang, between doing and being, controlling and allowing, resisting and opening, fighting and surrendering, willing and accepting.”

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