la 21. jouluk. | Kolmas linja 28

Winter solstice / Very special midnight practice

In this midnight practice we'll light up the candles, soothe our waters and take care of our souls.
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Time & Location

21. jouluk. 2019 klo 22.00 – 22. jouluk. 2019 klo 0.00
Kolmas linja 28, Kolmas linja 28, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

About the Event

Shortest day and the longest night of the year ~ Winter Solstice. 

We are officially in the winter.

In Chinese Medicine the shortest day and longest night of the year is the balance point of Yin and Yang. 

The word solstice translates to "sun stands still".


In this midnight practice we'll light up the candles, soothe our waters and take care of our souls.

Time for some Moon salutations and pranayama.

This practice works well with the Calendar workshop held earlier today!




Ancient cultures viewed the winter solstice as a time of death and birth while some traditions hold that dark spirits walk on the earth on the time of the winter solstice.

This winter solstice, December 22, take time out of your regular schedule for self-care, repose, foods that will nourish your body, mind, and spirit, and a moment to remember the dead, so that the memories of those who came before us can strengthen the powers of those who are here now and with that rejuvenated strength, flourish during our literal and figurative winters. 

Winter is full Yin and has the characteristics of inactive, cool, damp, slow, feminine, and quiet as everything slows down. Our bodies instinctively want to rest, reflect, conserve and store energy. 

It is the season to recharge yourself. It is also a time for structural and organizational planning of the 2020 to come.

Chinese Medicine sees Nature and its patterns, forms and seasons reflected in our bodies and emotions. Each season is associated with an element, emotion, organ, and taste, so if we are in harmony with our environment, we adapt better and stay healthy.

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